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27 April 2011 @ 02:10 am
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23 February 2011 @ 06:36 am
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Name: Nola
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Gender: Female

Do you mind if you are stamped as a character of the opposite sex? No.


What are three positive words you'd use to describe yourself? Ambitious, Devoted, Free-spirited
What are three negative words? Lazy, Dependent, Loner
Would you say you are outspoken or more inwardly driven? I'm outspoken when people I know are talking about something I am passionate about, but otherwise I keep to myself. I usually won't put myself out there on my own accord.
Name some of your favorite music artists: Lady GaGa, Mika, Franz Ferdinand, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Name some of your favorite movies: Grease, Pleasantville, Edward Scissorhands.
What are some of your talents? Singing, Japanese language, cooking
What are some of your hobbies? fandom (television, film, figure skating, music), cooking, singing, concerts, movies
What are your goals for your future? You can be as specific as you want: I would love to have a music related-career without being a musician. Anywhere from a talent agent to a producer. I also want to live in Kanto or Kansai in Japan while doing so.
How would you go about achieving your goals? Right now I want to finish school, improve my Japanese, volunteer for music festivals and save $ to live in Tokyo. We'll see where volunteering/small jobs takes me and that's all I can say. As for living in Japan, continue to improve my Japanese through self-study, proficiency examinations and working... maybe teach English there.
What do you think makes a person special? What makes a good friend or boyfriend/girlfriend? What makes a person special for me: Interests/passions, dreams, talents, a particular sense of humour. What makes a good friend or boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone to share everything with, someone who completely understands me and I completely understand them, having goals and working towards them, and the "What makes a person special" list.

If an employer were to call someone who knew you well and asked them to sum you up in one word, what do you think that person would say? If it was a friend, "Passionate"? If it was a family member, "Japanophile."

High school can be a great experience, or a bad one. If you're in high school now, what is it like for you? If you're not anymore, what was it like? I was involved in a lot of choir stuff. Jazz, women's choir, musical theatre choir (yes we had that), chamber choir... and besides that I was part of vocal class for all four years, peer-tutored a vocal class, taught musical theory during lunch breaks and after school, led sectionals/conducted and was a counsellor at a music camp during my march break!
Other than that I was part of Japanese club for all four years and taught it in my last year. I was part of the politics club, anime club, and swim team as well... So lots of clubs! I wasn't actually too social though. Most of my friends were not very close. I had one friend who I hung out with all the time until we had a falling out in my last year.

When I wasn't in school I was doing my volunteer hours at a feed-the-homeless weekly thing, going to Japanese school on Saturdays, practising Japanese at my future university Japanese language exchange club, and going to piano lessons (in my final year twice a week). I did a 2 month exchange to Japan in the 11th grade.
I was extremely concerned with being the best in English class. I was never one for science or math (or athletics) - I always liked English or the arts the best so I worked hard at that.
All in all I was a bit of a loner but tried to be very involved.

What sort of activities do you like to participate in at school? See above for high school.
Right now I'm in college and am hardly part of anything because I find it very busy but I have done various Japan-related things (not the maximum amount I could be doing... I haven't properly studied Japanese in a month). I did a year-long exchange... I feel barely involved in uni activities compared to other people.

Labels are sometimes a downside to the school experience (life experience, too). Did you get labeled in school? Not in high school, actually. At least not to my face. In elementary/middle school, "loner," "fat," "four eyes," "loser," "ugly," you know. Oh and some people thought I was "wealthy," "stuck-up" and "preppy."

What do you think is universal advice everyone should have? It can be something you feel strongly about, something you've learned from life, anything: That thoughts and the ego are the source of unhappiness, that there is nothing in the past or in the future - that all we have is now. I wish I followed this advice more often myself, but it has changed my life and given me courage.

You notice the school bully patrolling the hallway, and he or she is picking on someone who looks clearly upset. What would you do? Tell an authority figure.

The boy or girl you've had a huge crush on for a long time has been paying attention to you. You catch him or her smiling at you in class, staring at you from across the hall. How would you react when he or she finally approaches you? I'd be all giggly back.

Social status is important to some students. Would it matter to you that being a member of Glee Club would make you seemingly uncool to others? Does it matter to you to fit in? Oh, not at all. I've been uncool in most settings.

So you're stuck in the middle. One group of friends wants you to go and hang with the cool crowd and ditch your new friends who may not be perceived as popular. What would you decide to do? Whoever I would rather enjoy the company of at the time... I'd rather hang out with people I know and like than people I don't know though.

Glee is about different people and the human experience, and it's also about music! What five songs would you say fit your life well? Using all songs that have been on Glee, Dream A Little Dream (unrequited love), Vogue (being fabulous and a superstar and all that), Me Against The Music (music and sexy ladies), Empire State Of Mind (Kind of the ideals I've had/continue to have for Tokyo), Dancing With Myself (haha I know this is not what this song's about, but baww for being forever alone)

Which character from the options do you feel you are LEAST like? Please elaborate: Puck. I feel that he gets angry easily, doesn't seem to care about academics, and is promiscuous. I'm none of those things.

**OPTIONAL** If you have a photo or two you'd like to share, please share them here. Not necessary, of course!


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